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In my world, as a graffiti artist and a child care provider, safety is always key. Professionally, I've been wearing masks and gloves for over 15 years, so bringing it into a classroom setting wasn't a huge leap. I will be masked up along side your children to make sure we all stay safe, together. 

In accordance with basic child care standards, we work to maintain a clean working space, clean supplies, and an environment that makes people feel comfortable. 

We work to ensure all students understand their power and how their actions can be a force for positive change in this world. We remind the students to do their part to keep our class, our supplies by simply keeping their hands clean. We have sinks and soap, a classic weapon in the battle against germs. We also have hand sanitizer, which is an excellent stand occasional stand in. 

If your child is presenting symptoms or feeling unwell, please take precautions to keep everyone safe by keeping them home. With each other's help, we'll find our way to a beautiful world. 


FALL 2022

I hope you and your families are doing well during these....times. As we navigate our way into the school year, back into social settings, I hope to offer a creative outlet that is not only with the utmost safety in practice, and offer classes that we always try to have, open, free, and full of creative expression and incredible ideas. 

Classes have been an amazing social and creative outlet for so many students this year so far. Id be lying if I said it didn't have as big an impact on me to still be teaching. laughing and creating with such beautiful young minds this year. All In-person Classes will be held at Hillside school in Hastings On Hudson. While we anticipate a slight delay in start up due to making careful decisions about all my own endeavors and ensuring all my practices are handled with care. This class has always been about quality over quantity and I am not one to rush into something without making sure everything will run smoothly and most importantly safely. 

The fall session will promise to bring the joy and magic it always does, in due time. Please be patient while I grow and adjust to the changes and adventures, so I can do my very best to help your children grow in the best way I know how. 


Register for Summer 2021


Summer time was just absolutely precious. The time spent creating throughout the 6 weeks was fulfilling for not just the students, but all of the teachers and student teachers. 

We are looking forward too getting the fall classes up and running. 

We will also be hosting an art show for the students in September at This Heart Contains Art Gallery and Studio. 

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